Tableau Public

First steps, selecting a sample data set add

A representative data set first has to be anonymized and cleaned. However, we can keep keys to the data outside, and marry them back up - securely and accurately - for your eyes only.

Tableau has all the power of the Tableau Server but is free add

To use Tableau Public all your data needs to be anonymized - viewable to the www - however the purpose of visualization is to tell a story and this story is told by the power of the graphics. All personal and identification is removed and just the "results" are displayed, done securely.

Data is then formatted and presented add

The "story" your data tells can be compelling and can open up new understandings. If any outlier issues arise, we can go back, securely pull out the errant data points, and communicate the essential theme minus the noise. Sometimes the outlier data has its own story to communicate and can be a thread leading towards anomalous activities that bear attention (and perhaps action). Behind the scenes data can be communicated, back and forth via secure and encrypted excel files.