Website Consulting Services

One Time Charge For Your Assessment is $100 (USD)

Some of the questions we will report on:

(1) are you friendly to ALL devices, from cell phone to tablet to desk top?
(2) are your keywords consistently used both in page name, content and meta tags?
(3) are your graphic design (logo, colors, themes) consistent and aligned with your business mission?
(4) are your social media connections sufficient and coordinated with your site content?
(5) are you confused about how to understand the output from your Google Analytics (...or are you even aware about whether or not you are connected to Google Analytics)?
A customized report will be created for a one-time fee of $100 (USD)

Things Can Get So Confusing! add

There are so many moving parts to your web presence and web presentation. Additionally the metrics and best practices seem to change from one day to the next. You are focused on your business, let us assist in giving another "view" to your website with a reasonably priced overview and report.

Website Consulting Services add

We will provide you a complete assessment of your website, providing you with a few focus points. Action directed towards these areas can result in significant improvements to your site usage metrics. The end goal is providing carefully targeted site improvements/adjustments to result towards a more successful website.